Summer Lunch Program

Lynn’s Catering Inc. is an Atlanta based catering service that provides Summer Lunch Programs for summer school, and summer camps in Atlanta Georgia, and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Lynn’s Catering Inc. specializes in lunch catering to children and students of daycare centers, pre-schools, middle/junior high schools, and high school. Lynn’s also caters to summer school programs in the greater Atlanta region.

Providing schools in the greater Atlanta area with quality meals for nearly two decades. Lynn’s catering service menu is created to provide everything that your students need to function properly. Lynn’s Catering Inc. guarantees to provide tasty meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Giving your students key nutrients to enhance learning, memory, and concentration is our primary concern.

Some school lunch programs attempt to provide nutritious meals for their students, but if you were to tour some school cafeterias you would find a great deal of unhealthy foods. In contrast, Lynn’s Catering Service Inc. provides a diverse menu of healthy and delicious meals.


Daycare/Academy Foodservice Administrators

Cost Effectiveness Comparison

Based upon what our clients have told us, consider the following:

Your In House Service

  • You shop all over for best prices
  • You plan a menu
  • You store raw food
  • You purchase storage equipment
  • You spend hours in food preparation
  • You spend hours cooking
  • Provisions for absent cook/dietary staff
  • Provisions for nutritionally balanced meals
  • Limited menu variety
  • State Health Codes setup expense

Compared to:

Lynn’s Catering Service Inc. where we take away all your concerns while providing nutritionally balanced menus that include a variety of tasty hot meals taken from all the food groups… meat, chicken, fish, vegetable, fruit, bread, and dairy all prepared fresh on a daily basis. This way you can concentrate on developing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being of tomorrows leaders.

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